How to Win the Custody

How to Win the Custody Battle of Your Child Properly

How to Win the Custody Battle of Your Child Properly

How to Win the Custody

How to Win the Custody Battle of Your Child Properly. The most issue involving the divorce is child custody. The mother wants the child to in her custody because the age is still young. On the other hand, the father sees the soon-to-be ex-wife is unfit as the parent. This is the challenging situation that must be solve properly. If both can think logically without unbiased prejudice, the most important thing is not where the child will live or the parent who has the right. On the contrary, everything should start from the child’s best interest. The one with capability to fulfil such thing has the higher probability to win custody battle. The next section shows some tips that you can use in such situation.

  1. Fit to be The Better Parent Than Other

You think the other parent is unfit and decide to take the child on your own because you are the fittest at all. It is not about a claim from your opinion. The burden is on yourself to prove that you have capability to be the better parent. Being the best parent is impossible but you must be better from the other.

  1. The Settlement

Father and mother can use the settlement to handle this matter quickly. Usually, the child can live with the mother and the father will provide financial supports. In return, he has the right to visit and involve in the parenting session. When the battle is too long, the effect is not on the parents but the child. Therefore, using settlement is the best thing you must consider.

  1. Mediation and Negotiation

The court is the final resort during the divorce and custody issue, unless both cannot meet the agreement. Mediation and negotiation are necessary before the case is presented directly on the court. Both parents discuss and try to solve soon as possible. During a mediation, both may start over and look for the same perspective. At the end, the divorce is quite and easy with the best understanding. If there is any chance to reunite, both the attorneys will put this idea in the top consideration.

  1. Parenting Plan

You should put more concern on the parenting plan. This one provides schedule how the parents will handle the child. You involve as much as possible and do the best you can to show the interest. This plan may chance depending on the review.

  1. The Joint Custody

The judge does not put favor on the mother or the father. Both have right to be the custodian but the best verdict is the joint custody. The child will be with the mother and the father has the right to visit based on the parenting plan. Follow the schedule and you will not lose your custody.

  1. Pick The Right Attorney

The last thing to make you win or get better result is the right attorney. You cannot solve on your own unless you are familiar with the family law. The custody battle is exhausted because both want to win You need the experience attorney who know how the best solution in any situation.

From above explanation, you understand what to do when facing the custody battle. Winning does not mean you are the sole custodian. The best result is the one with less cost and effort without having the next issue anymore.

10 Article of the Bill

10 Article of the Bill on Family Resilience in Indonesia

10 Article of the Bill on Family Resilience in Indonesia

10 Article of the Bill

10 Article of the Bill on Family Resilience in Indonesia. The polemic of the Bill of Family Resilience continues to this day. Most recently, a member of the Legislative Body of the Indonesian House of Representatives from the Golkar faction, Nurul Arifin, assessed that this bill seemed to want to interfere with citizens’ households.

“This is the spirit why we take care of other people’s households?” said Nurul in a meeting at the Legislation Body, Thursday, November 12, 2020.

In the draft received by Tempo, this bill consists of 146 articles and 15 CHAPTERS. There are a number of controversial articles and here are 10 of them:

  1. Obligations of Husband and Wife

The husband has four obligations, one of which explains the household needs according to his ability. Meanwhile, the wife has three obligations, one of which is to manage household affairs as well as possible.

  1. Reproductive Technology May

Article 26 states that husband and wife have the right to obtain offspring with scientific or reproductive technology.

  1. Sperm and Ovum Donors Haram

Article 31 regulates that the practice of selling sperm or ovum is haram or prohibited. This includes donating voluntarily, accepting, persuading others, to facilitating.

  1. Forbidden Surrogation

Article 32 stipulates that every person is prohibited from carrying out surrogation to obtain offspring.

  1. IDR 500 Million Fine

Article 139 states the penalty for buying and selling sperm or ovum and surrogation, namely 5 years in prison and / or a fine of IDR 500 million. But if the position persuades or facilitates, then specifically for the jail sentence is 7 years and a fixed fine.

  1. Additional Fines of IDR 5 billion

If the sale and purchase of sperm and surrogation is carried out by the corporation, the punishment will be heavier. There is no imprisonment, but a fine of up to Rp 5 billion.

  1. Obligations and Rights of Parents

Article 99 regulates 10 obligations and 8 rights of parents. One of the obligations of parents is to prevent child marriage. Meanwhile, one of the rights of parents is to direct their child’s religion according to the religion of the parents.

  1. Sadism, Homosexuality, and Lesbians

Article 74 states 6 causes of family crisis, one of which is sexual deviance. Then Article 87 stipulates that adults who experience sexual deviations. Are required to report to the body that deals with family resilience. The goal is to get treatment and care. There are four types, namely sadism, masochism, homosexuality and lesbian incest.

  1. Role of Community

In Article 131, it is stipulated that the community plays a role in family resilience.  One of which is that they can participate in providing advocacy for solving family problems.

  1. Medals for Outstanding Families

In Article 135, there are regulations regarding awards and support. One of them is that the government can reward families and communities who excel in organizing family resilience. In the form of certificates,, placards, medals, fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.