Several Cases That the Family

Several Cases That the Family Court Solve in Day to Day Basis

Several Cases That the Family Court Solve in Day to Day Basis

Several Cases That the Family

Several Cases That the Family Court Solve in Day to Day Basis. There are several types of court known within the law.  One of the examples is family court. This court handles matters within the realm of family law. It tries to settle disputes that happen within families. Every day, the family court needs to deal with numerous familial cases. What are examples for cases that fall into the court’s jurisdiction?

Everyone is likely to know that divorce is a matter that family court deals with. Divorce is dissolution of marriage between two spouses. Once the court has decided that the couple is divorce, the two persons are no longer married in the eye of law. Usually, a divorce proceeding will not only discuss about the marriage dissolution. There are also other topics that are related to children or shared assets within the proceeding.

Family Court Also Protects Children from Non-Marital Relationship

Family court also protects children from non-marital relationship. It is usually related to the paternity status of the child.  A man who is declared as a child’s father needs to be responsible for the child. The kinds of responsibilities that the father should provide include legal and physical custodies, visitations, and monetary support for the child.  Legal father must abide to those rules.

This court also grants protection for victims of domestic violence. Every year, the number of domestic abuse cases rise up. Even with the staggering data, there is a suspicion that the case number is actually larger than that. Family court can provide protection for victims who manage to seek legal help for their cases. They can put restraining orders against domestic partners who do the abuse. Of course, victims need to provide proofs about the abuse.


Adoption is another case that the court will need to be involved in. In the adoption process, the court transfers the parental and guardianship rights from the real parents or guardians to the adoptive parents. Once the process has been completed, the child is legally the offspring of the adoptive parents. It takes time to deal with adoption case.

The real guardians must be willing to give up their guardianship over the children. In addition, a thorough background check must be done toward the new parents. It is done to see whether they are fit to look after a child. Another case that the court will deal with is related to civil law. An example would be asset dispute between ex-spouses. During the course of marriage, it is likely that the married couple had purchased assets with joint wealth.

Distributed Between Two Parties

After the marriage has been annulled, the wealth must be distributed between two parties. If there is a prenuptial arrangement for shared assets, it will not be a difficult case. However, there are many cases in which no prenuptial arrangement is present.

One other example of civil dispute within family would be related to inheritance. The family court might be appointed to distribute inheritance according to the passing’s will. Difficult cases tend to come up in which the passing did not write will. Thus, the determination of inheritance distribution becomes a complicated issue.